JEMS Masonic Rings Fireman Mason Ring $ 99

Fireman Masonic Ring

Stainless Steel

This ring can be made with the brushed surface or polished surface. I am listng it with a polished surface as it takes on a whole different look. Just tell me what you like and "let it accordingly so be done."

Stainless Steel / Hardened Baked Enamel Emblem

This ring was made for the great many Brother's who are also Firefighters. It is a way for us to honor them both as Firefighter and as Brother Masons.

It is a simple but elegant looking dress ring. Please do not wear this while fighting fires. It is meant for dinner / dress wear and around the house. Give it some care and you will treasure it forever.

This Rolex of rings is hand made of stainless steel and the emblem is affixed with Loctite's structrual adhesive for a permanent bond.

This adhesive is actually better than soldering emblems to the ring as it has greater surface coverage for maximum adhesion.

*** I do not recommend wearing it while fighting fires. Remember it is just a hard enamel emblem and can get damaged. The emblem can always be replaced, but when one Brother wore his to a fire and the emblem got trashed I now feel compelled to tell everyone to wear it as a dress ring. ***

This ring is handmade one at time to fit the individual by a couple of aging
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