This is a new copy of the first volume of the Jeremiah omnibus series published by Dark Horse (English translations of the Belgian comic series), which was released in limited quantities. Volumes 2 and 3 are pretty easy to find but this volume is quite rare (500 copies sold in U.S. according to Dark Horse's site-see below). I found this in the back of a comic store. It is new but not shrink wrapped. It's in perfect/mint condition (feel free to contact me if you want to see more detailed photos but, as I mentioned, this is a new book).
Jeremiah Omnibus Volume 1 HC

One of Europe's most revered comics classics comes to America! At the end of the twentieth century, the United States is overcome by race hatred, and the ensuing civil war leaves only a few million survivors and a shattered society. Forced by circumstances into a series of violent moral compromises, innocent Jeremiah and his cynical friend Kurdy attempt to find their place in the postapocalyptic world without descending into savagery. Collecting the first three volumes of the acclaimed series, the Jeremiah Omnibus is one of the darkest, most dangerous sci-fi stories in comics!

* The inspiration for the Showtime series developed by J. Michael Straczynski!

* Direct Market exclusive. Only 500 copies offered
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