Jeremy Geddes Acedia Print Limited Edition Signed & Numbered BIG!

Acedia Signed limited edition giclee print Edition: 375 24" x 41"
This is a gorgeous print and at first look, it all looks great. But upon closer inspection there is some damage which I have tried to detail with the markers below. Use the code below as a road map and compare to the large picture and each close up as you make your way around the print.
Purple Jewel bottom left corner there is a wrinkle running about three quarters of an inch upwards a quarter-inch from the left margin
Orange Jewel top left corner a few marks to the paper surface and in the top edge the corner it's self is sharp
Top bright green jewel some damage to the extreme right edge about 3/8 of an inch in length
The yellow Jewel about one quarter of the way down in the right margin one quarter of an inch from the right edge there is some damage to the surface of the paper. Very difficult to see
Red jewel similar damage about 6 inches below the previous but the damages longer and slightly more visible
Orange jewel about a quarter inch of damage to the extreme right edge
Purple jewel bottom right to areas of damage to the right edge about 3 inches from bottom right corner
Print surface itself is in mint condition with no damage. CORRECTION: when viewed from the back you can see areas of damage where it looks like the print may
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