Jeremy Taylor HOLY LIVING & HOLY DYING *1852* leather

The book you are considering for bid is a very good, very old (1852) leather-bound copy of a 2-in-1 edition book containing the two best-known works of the well-known 17th century English divine - JEREMY TAYLOR. The books are THE RULE AND EXERCISES OF HOLY LIVING (1852 - 309 pages) and THE RULE AND EXERCISES OF HOLY DYING (1850 - 161 pages). The book is a publication of W. Pickering, London, leather, 4"x6.5", 571 total pages.

"Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667) was a clergyman in the Church of England who received fame as an author for his poetic style and was often presented as a model of prose writing. He was under the patronage of William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury. After Laud was tried for treason during the English Civil War and executed, Taylor was imprisoned several times but eventually released to live a quite life in Ireland. At the Restoration he was made Bishop of Down and Cannon in Ireland and became Chancellor of the University of Dublin." There is a nice frontispiece picture of Jeremy Taylor.

This book is in extremely nice condition for its age. Binding is nice and tight - no loose or missing pages or hint of such problems. There is a previous owner's name with a 1853 date; there are several pages with a very few light pencil marks, mostly vertical lines in column. There is a penciled poem neatly written on
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