Jerry Rice Autographed "101" TD Receptions Football

This auction is for a Jerry Rice Limited-Edition Autographed Football commemorating his 101 Touchdown Receptions. Special art work with his authentic signature is one a white panel. The autograph is perfect.

This is an official NFL Wilson Football. It has two white panels showcasing the accomplishment and Autograph on one panel, and blank on the other white panel.

This item comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Letter of Authenticity. QVC ran a special many years back selling this commemorable item. The Letter of Authenticity is from QVC.

This is truly a very limited item and a must have for any Jerry Rice collector. It's been part of my collection for over 10 years. I am selling many of my remaining Jerry Rice pieces. Those who know me are well aware of what my collection used to be - I only collected authentic Jerry Rice autographs from Footballs, Jersey, and Cards to Figurines. A while back for personal reasons I decided to sell off the majority of my autographed football cards (I did have the biggest collection at one time but now that goes to the one and only Jeff Wolf). Now I have decided to sell off a few special pieces like this one. Please check out my other Jerry Rice auctions. I should have them all posted soon.

Reserve is very near the Buy-It-Now price of $65.

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