Jerryberry Limited Summer Daze Penny Doll With Clothing Wigs and Acccessories

Jerryberry Summer Daze Penny limited doll #10 made in 2013. Jerryberry dolls are difficult to come by. She is a beautiful photogenic girl. Her face is mat, not shiny, her eyes have a shiny gloss.Her full set outfit is complete. She also comes with two full set complete outfits including wigs for those outfits. She is on a small Obitsu body, and has a resin head.
Her faceup is in very good condition. I have taken a close up so you can see how finely she is painted. She does have staining from her wig on either side of her head along the hairline. I have also taken photos of the staining so you can see it. You cannot see it with her wig on, it is under her hair. I do not believe it can be removed. She came to me with the staining.
She comes with Jerryberry clothing purchased from the site:
Limited edition 'Happy Birthday Jerry' complete set including wig
Limited edition 'Two Hearts' complete set including wig
Girlish T-shirt Green
Skinny Jeans
Modern Skirt Gray
Long T-Shirt Gray
Raglan T-shirt Navy
She comes with an additional 9 wigs, one is a Monique, one is a Kemper, I believe the rest are from the Jerryberry site.
Also 2 cute pair of glasses.
I do not have her original box, she did not come to me with it.
She comes with plenty of everything so she can have lots of looks and find
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