JERSEY QUEEN DAIRY Qt Milk Bottle Early 1900's era Dug in Marietta, Ohio WoW WoW

Slug Plate...Qt. glass milk bottle T. Mfg Co.S 71..Pat Sept17th 1889 (on bottom).."Thatcher Glass House"

Great early Ohio Milk bottle

I'm calling this bottle "From...Marietta, OH" It was dug in Marietta, so until told else wise. It's not listed in the great Ohio Milk Bottle book or the greater West Virginia Milk Bottle Book. Bottle is not in mint condition, but I did have it professionally tumbled clean. Bottle was made around 1900 to 1920's, has bold embossing, air bubbles in the glass, a few rough spots, one small bruise on the base, slug plate and the Patent date is 1889. Is this a one of a kind? could be!


A great piece of early DAIRY Memorablia.
I'm starting it at $ 59.99
email any questions you might have and check my other auctions for more collectibles, bottles, antiques...I'll combine shipping. Marietta is near Pomeroy, Parkersburg, Charleston, Huntington, Athens, Gallipolis, Jackson, Pt Pleasant. WV WVa W Va Ohio OH PA, Pennsylvania

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