Premium selection of genuine stones, gemstones, and crystals. This NEW JERUSALEM STONES set faithfully represents the twelve foundation stones of the New Jerusalem, St. John the Divine's vision of a future heaven on earth, from Revelation chapter 21 of NIV/KJV/ASB/ASV version bibles! The stones are housed loose in a brand-new clear plastic hinged-lid display box. Each stone's compartment is labeled, and the outer front of the box is labeled with the stone set description and a signed Certificate of Authenticity. The stones and box pictured are the actual ones you will receive!!! Each compartment measures about 1.25"x2", for an idea of stone sizes. Very few of these genuine stone sets will be offered, as some of the stones are very difficult to get yours now while you can! All stones in this set are "lapidary rough" quality high grade specimens. You will probably NEVER see a set like this again for sale ANYWHERE. This is a truly one of a kind gift! Stones included in this set are: Jasper (historians agree that this should be a Green Jasper), Blue Sapphire, Blue Chalcedony, Emerald (a generous size Emerald crystal in this particular set!), Sardonyx (nearly impossible to find in rough stone specimens), Carnelian (Sard or Sardius in some bibles), Chrysolite (which is Peridot), Beryl (var. Aquamarine), clear Topaz (with

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