JET-AER G-96 Hunting Knife Japan Buck Nice 940 Jersey

High quality steel Japanese made Buck knife. Jet-Aer Corp. The gun oil people. The knife resembles a Buck 119... except it has better steel than you can find in most knives today. This older Jet-Aer, G-96 No. 940 Look like it has not been sharpened and it looks like its been useb a couple times, maybe to cut paper or a box. Small nicks on the pummel and guard. Flourescent orange plastic bands on this baby!! Blade is 6" and overall length of this beauty is 10-3/4". Sheath has some cosmetic issues as seen in the photos. I noticed one time when I put the knife in the sheath, the blade tip protruded from a slit in the leather. Heck, it's old. Good luck bidding and thanks for looking.