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Once Upon A Time In China Series (Blu-ray) (4 Film Set) (Hong Kong Version)

Jet Li's signature image of a martial arts hero first emerged in Tsui Hark's award-winning martial arts epic series Once Upon a Time in China. The first four kung fu classics are now fully remastered with enhanced video and audio quality, perfecting the dynamic world of the legendary martial arts hero Wong Fei Hung. Apart from Jet Li, Tsui Hark's direction and action choreographer Yuen Woo Ping's kung fu fight scenes in Once Upon a Time in China I and II also received acclaim in the industry. Their efforts were recognized with the Best Director and the Best Action Choreography awards at the 1992 and 1993 Hong Kong Film Awards, respectively.
This Once Upon a Time in China Blu-ray Collection compiles the first four films of the series and comes with film stills gallery, trailers, and a 1-hour "The Legend of Wong Fei Hung" documentary. This special documentary feature, which opens with a rare picture of the real Wong Fei Hung, depicts Wong's entire martial and personal life through interviews with his descendants, students and wushu experts.

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