Jet Magazine April 9 1970 Blacks Influence Richard Nixon Black Students Ghetto

April 9, 1970 Jet Magazine featuring President Richard Nixon on cover

This listing is for ONE MAGAZINE only (bottom left of picture)!!!
This magazine in VERY GOOD CONDITION (better than picture)
Great articles include "Black Students Bring Revelant Help to Ghetto" and "How Blacks Got to President Richard Nixon" in which the President and black labor expert Arthur Fletcher meet and discuss civil rights.

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History of Jet Magazine

Jet Magazine has gone through various changes since it was introduced into the market in 1951. This magazine played a very important role during the Civil Rights Movement in America. It is a weekly magazine that is news-oriented and its main focus is on the African American population. Some of the topics covered in this magazine include news, black history sports, religion, business, celebrities, African American culture and fashion. It was started by John H. Johnson who was the head of Johnson Publishing Co. in Chicago. It gained popularity among the public because of its focus on activities that led to the civil rights revolution in the American society.

When the Jet Magazine was launched into the market, the company had already created several publications that targeted African Americans. The founder
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