Jewelry Lot 100+: Bogoff, Eisenberg, Novelli, rings, necklaces, earrings, bears

This is a very large lot so please read this ask questions etc. The count before I got to the rings and extras was 100, after that I counted 25 or was it more???, so this is for 100+. There are four watches they all need batteries are worn and still wearable. There are four bracelets, one bracelet has matching clip earrings all of these are fairly recent. The fourth picture is where the Boboff 3rd on back row and the Eisenberg earrings 1st pair on the bottom left and I mentioned that the Eisenberg earrings need some little stones. Also seen in this photo are matching earrings with a necklace in the picture that are multicolored rhinestones and are old, then two screw earrings and a pierced set of dangled rhinestones. Then there is the one Button holder standing up in the back. There is three pendants watches one chain for changing them out as your wish. I counted forty pairs of earrings most are costume jewelry which most have been worn and still wearable and in a variety of different colors. I counted 8 necklaces: The long black one is heavy I do not know what the material it is made out of it has an old timey clasp, the large necklace with orange stone and gold chain is gonna be right at twenty inches long worn it is long. The Terrea is new never worn it has rhinestones and pearls with a silver base coloring. The rings are as follows, ... read more