Jewelry lot! Junk-Craft/Redo & Wear! Old Vintage Rhinestones-Gems--> 6 + POUNDS!

Hello again,

Listing a couple of lots here today on Ebay! Have had little time to get through it all here. So am just threw in a bunch of Mixed Lots for your consideration!

This lot here is actually a mix of Most Craft/Worn Rhinestone Jewelry with lots of great really neat stones for repurpose or repair. Some pieces actually are just fine in this mix but then some either need repair or would be great for recreating if your that talented! Unfortunately I am not. I have actually added a few more pieces to this since I listed it!

I have to say that there are several pieces included that are very nice, most being really nice Beaded Jewelry of all sorts! Some on your left of the picture and a few on your right.There is a very small real gold piece with real some opal beads on it that I know you can make into some really nice earrings, also included is a small real gold pendant that has another opal genuine stone but it looks like a agate opal and needs cleaning, think it can be used has some neat sparkle in it. Selling both as Scrap! I know I did see some that were I believe have real jade stones, looks like a few bakelite?, and neat agate stone pieces included also. Some vintage rhinestone pieces that are just fine & I did see a few sterling/925 but comes with ? marks! A neat charm for baby bracelet.Couple
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