Jewish Freedom War vRomans Ancient JERUSALEM Coin YEAR3

Item: i11466
Certified Authentic Ancient Coin of:

First Jewish-Roman War "Great Revolt"
Bronze Prutah 18mm (3.19 grams)
Year III of the Jewish War Jerusalem mint: 69-70 A.D.
Reference: Hendin 664
Obverse: Amphora with lid and two handles; around Hebrew inscription for Year 3.
Reverse: Vine leaf on a branch and the Hebrew inscription: 'The Freedom of Zion'.

* Reference: You are bidding on an authentic coin struck by the Jews revolting in Jerusalem, which led to the sacking and destruction of the Second Temple. The year III coin is much more rare than the year II, which was possibly struck even within months of the end of the war.

You are bidding on the exact item pictured, provided with a Certificate of Authenticity and Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.

The first Jewish-Roman War (66–70), sometimes called The Great Revolt ( Hebrew : המרד הגדול ‎, ha-Mered Ha-Gadol ), was the first of three major rebellions by the Jews of the Iudaea Province (Judea Province), against the Roman Empire (the second was the Kitos War in 115–117 CE; the third was Bar Kokhba's revolt , 132–135)CE.

It began in the year 66 initially because of Greek and Jewish religious tensions but grew with anti-taxation protests and attacks upon Roman citizens. [1] It ended when legions under Titus besieged and
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