Every once in awhile, you stumble across something quite significant left behind by the passing of a loved one. is a collection of historically significant Newspapers and magazines kept by a lifelong Dallas resident who had the presence of mind to keep these for future generations. Included in this auction are the original Dallas Morning Newspapers which covered that fateful period in late November 1963, when our great leader, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. The papers are complete, though a bit tattered and yellowed with age, and include the Saturday edition of 11/23/63 (the day after the assassination, and the first issue to proclaim the dread act), the Sunday edition of 11/24/63 (inaugural day for LBJ, with many photos, articles and speculations and allegations-the root of the conspiracy theories still being investigated to this day) and the Monday edition of 11/25/63 (front page filled with photo of Lee Harvey Oswald's assassination at the hands of Jack Ruby, with full coverage of that event). Thumb through these pages and you will find a wealth of information from this monumental episode of American History, and you will get some idea of the enormity of the event in world view.

Also included in this auction are the issues of both Life magazine (12/6/63) and Look magazine (12/3/63) from the period,
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