JFK Bill Signer Fountain Pen used by President Johnson


DESCRIPTION: Rare Esterbrook fountain pen specificly designed for President John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Etched in white on the top are the words "The President-The White House". Custom made to conform to Kennedy's writing specifications these pens were used by the President to sign landmark Bills into law throughout his Presidentcy. Due to President Kennedy's sudden death these pens were used for a time during the Johnson Administration by President Johnson to sign Bills into law until he had his own pens made.

This perticular pen was used by President Lyndon B. Johnson on September 4th, 1964, in approving H. R. 11241, An Act to amend the Public Health Services Act to increase the opportunities for training professional nursing personnel, and for other purposes.

A collection of 15 of these Kennedy pens used in bill signing sold for $42,500 at the Guernsey's auction of J. F. K. memorabilia in March of 1998. This pen is in pristine condition and comes complete with its original box.

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Hollywood Rock'n Country.

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CONDITION: Excellent, original condition, with original box and typed Bill signing information. Would frame
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