President John F. Kennedy Assassination

Mortician Thomas E. Robinson was the specialist who had the most to do with the reconstruction of President Kennedy's head, and was one of three "hands on" embalmers who worked on President Kennedy's corpse on November 22, 1963.

Thomas E. Robinson -- Tom Robinson was a mortician at Gawler's Funeral Home. He was one of the key medical witnesses to support the possibility of a frontal shot. He is on record as describing the large defect in Kennedy's head as an " orange-sized hole, low in the center of the back of the head near the hairline". Robinson assisted with the preparations for an "open casket funeral so preparation of the skull was especially meticulous ".
Signed 3" x 5" JFK Assassination card (item is much nicer than the scan)

DESCRIPTION : Autographed JFK Assassination card, 3" x 5" inches, signed black ink handsigned, NOT a facsimile or print) by Kennedy mortician, "Thomas Evan Robinson" . Excellent condition. A wonderful conversational/conspiracy item, suitable for framing

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