Jiaqing Dynasty 1796-1820 Chinese Charger Plate Export

Up for auction is most likely the highest quality piece of Chinese porcelain from the time period 1796-1820. This top notch charger was purchased from an estate in Louisville, KY. The family had owned a cadillac dealership for a couple generations and this piece was displayed for years in their formal living room. The clients maternal grandfather most likely aquired this piece sometime prior to WW1.

Now for the good stuff... The charger measures a whopping 16 inches in diameter and is adorned in elaborate insised leaves and berries around the rim. The polychrome enamel finish depicts scenes with warriors yielding swords, spears, shields, and goddesses on horses. As you can tell from the high details and coloring,this piece is truly RICH. This charger would display perfectly on any wall or table in your home.

There are no damages, just some fine crazing that adds to the historical significance to this piece. The piece is marked in the center on the back with the apocryphal 4 character brown mark of the Jiaqing dynasty.

I am probably low balling this piece on the "Buy it Now" option, but I am going out of town next week and want to finish this transaction before I leave. Best of luck