Beautiful Jielde Lamp 1950 2 Arms Graphite Steel Metal French Industrial...

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H ello,my name is Yann of Atelier-Industriel, I am a french professional specialized and fascinated
by these magnificent lamps jielde and I propose you : Jielde Lamp 1950 2 arms Graphite Steel Metal French Industrial... D o you Know why is the jielde lamp also popular? Simply because it brings immediately a soul to your inside. It is the ideal object to adopt the Industrial style, Workshop(Studio), Loft. Whether it is in a kitchen, a lounge, or an office(desk), it will always find a place of choice... This authentic lamp Jielde 2 arms of the 50s, resulting from a former(ancient) factory where we made by car parts, are in perfect condition and was totally restored:

it was completely Defused, cleaned, then every part was Polished in the hand. finally after

complète Reassembly, the Finish. it was covered with a protective cream graphite and Varnished.

STRONG: it will make your happiness during years.

PRACTICAL AND EFFECTIVE: give the shape which you want. it articulates in all directions

his switch of origin in brass is situated

near the globe. Electrified in the new standards (with earth connector)

PERENNIALLY FASHIONABLE: Its design is simply timeless

100% of satisfied customers all over the world.....

Some small tracks of sound
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