Jiggs Maggie Bringing Up Father Comic Strip Original

Today we are offering an assortment of orignal comic strip art! So please check our other listings! This is a vast estate of an old antique dealer with warehouses of treasures to inventory and sell. So please bookmark us! T are more that ten thousand pieces to list! We have been selling this estate for more than a year! Originally drawn in 1913 by famous artist George McManus as Jiggs and Molly. Bringing up Father became the name in 1916 and became one of the most popular and longest running strip in history.Finally closing in 2000! After McManus's death, Vernon Green drew the strip until he died in 1965! Already famous Bill Kavanagh and Hal Campagnia picked up the ball from t!They did the strip until 1980! A wonderful story of an Irish -American bricklayer who won the Irish Sweepstake.The rags to riches story that endured for many years! This original inked strip measures 18 x 6in. Dated 06-28-80, this hard to find, four panel strip will make a wonderful addition to any collection! This is Number two of three we are offering! All pieces are sold as is as always ! Actual shipping from 76107 always! Ask what you need before bidding and good luck!