Jim Beam Whiskey Decanter - Jewel Tea Co Car Model T?

This great whiskey decanter bottle was made by Jim Beam in the shape of the Old Ford Automobile, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Jewel Tea Company. The car is 7.5" tall by 11" wide, made of diecast metal and plastic wheels. It looks like a delivery truck for Jewel Tea, and has that painted on the windows.

The body is pottery with beautiful brown glazing and gold detailing. The Jewel Tea company was established in 1899, so this bottle is from 1974. I checked, and unfortunately, t is no whiskey in the bottle anymore....

The Jewel Tea company is well known for its beautiful Autumn patterned china, as well as their many other patterns. This is from the estate of a decanter collector, who had tons of great collectible bottles. This piece is in great shape as it has been in a cabinet since it was new.

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