Jim Bowie Dr Carter Gigand Knives Knife Signed Case

The Jim Bowie Commemorative Knife in Custom Case and Autographed Name Plate

it is told that in the 1830 a tall handsome, quiet, courteous man visited the ship of James Black to have a special knife made. This man Jim Bowie, and his knife were to become American Legends.

The Bowie Knife became a good symbol of the triumph of good over evil and right over wrong. The popularity of the knife and the tall tales surrounding it let to the production of many knives. These became known as " Bowies" and the exact design of the original was lost to history.

In the year 1836 a band of 187 men along with Jim Bowie, Col. William Travis, and Davey Crocket defened a small church called the Alamo against the imposingly large Mexican army. The battle of the Alamo and the men who defended her has become one of the greatest stories of Heroismin American frontier history. For 113 days these men stood bravely against a Mexican army commanded by general Santa Anna.

Which numbered almost 5000 men. with defeat at hand and no hope of escape or victory Bowie who was bedridden and sick with fever still fought to the death with a pistol in one hand and the famed Bowie Knife in the other. The memory of the heroism of Bowie and the 187 men became the battle cry "Remember the Alamo" for the other Texans as they fought and one
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