Jim Shore "CIRCUS ELEPHANT" Figurine

From under the Big Top Collection by Jim Shore. The Heartwood Creek "Circus Elephant "BALANCE" entertains all with his lively performance! Retails for $30.00, and I'm selling this beautiful piece of artwork below wholesale! It's so detailed, as all of Jim Shore's collectibles are...so this is one to get your hands on while it lasts. I believe this is a discontinued item from Enesco, so once they are gone, it will be for good! This also makes the collectible go up in value when it's discontinued:)

This is a "Jim Shore Collectible" Juggling Jester Figurine. Suggested retail on this is....$

Jim Shore is a very popular name in the art industry.....His passion was always in his art, which ultimately led him to start his own company. Jim Shore creates the artful, intricate detail, saturated color, and innovative elements which makes his designs so distinctively special!


Thanks for looking:)