Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Stitched With Love Quilting Angel # 4007245 No Box

Jim Shore is a born storyteller. But for him, art speaks louder than words. So, Jim sculpts his tales through an ever-expanding world of charming characters. And today, Jim's Heartwood Creek Collection is a story all its own- a magical mix of collectible "scenes" that has attracted fans worldwide.
Inspired by nostalgia for his Southern country upbringing and his fascination with the intricate design of patchwork quilts, Jim Shore has created a world of fantasy with his charming poly resin figures. From whimsical animals, to Disney characters, to seasonal themes, and now his newest collaboration with the Peanuts, each has the look of hand carved wood,
Up for auction comes a wonderful retired angel figurine entitled "Stitched With Love". Made of stone resin to resemble a hand-carved look, it will measure 9"H, and will arrive brand new, in mint condition, has been stored in my wife's storage unit free from light and dust and always from a smoke-free as well as a pet-free environment.