Jimi Hendrix Posters At Star Club 1967 Limited #10 / 20

I don't know what the deal is with these, They are copys of the original photos taken at the star club in Germany 1967. They are on paper and have a Stamp from the Star club the numbering is in ink 10/20 (number 10 of 20 made) and t is a signature which I am told is the signature of the owner of the Star Club. They are mounted on the back of an old card board poster by Tracy Dennison. At the bottom in the same ink as the signatures it says " Jimi Hendrix at my home town in Hamberg performing March 1967. the paper they are printed on is about 10" X 16" and the photos themselves are 8" X 10". T are what looks like tape marks on the four corners of each. See the Photos.