Jimmy Lile "Rambo The Mission" Survival Knife

The Rambo-The Mission-knife was a continuation of the Jimmy Lile-Sylvester Stallone designed survival knife. The Rambo knife has a blade length of 10" inches. It is fitted with a treated nylon wrapped hollow handle, thong eye in the butt, and a compass inside the butt cap. Lile w/dot Blade is 1/4" D2 with a non-reflective finish. Knife has a screwdriver guard. Black leather sheath comes equipped with an Eze-Lap diamond sharpening steel. Knife and sheath are in near mint condition, never sharpened or used, only fondled and admired!

Jimmy Lile Rambo The Mission Survival Knife

10" Bead Blasted Bowie Blade

15" Overall Length

14 split Sawteeth

Black Nylon Cord Wrapped Handle

Hollow Handle For Storage of Survival Items

Skull Crusher Butt Cap with Compass

Eze Lap Diamond Sharpener in Brass

Never Used, Never Sharpened, Never Carried

From the Lile Brochure: Rambo - 10" blade, 15" overall - 2" wide, handle wrapped with treated nylon line over stainless steel, heat treated guard with phillips screwdriver on top and regular screwdriver on the bottom, waterproof handle with compass in butt cap. Choice of 440C or D2 steel.

This particular Rambo - "The Mission" is unused and unaltered, it has not been resharpened after Lile Knives put the original
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