JJ Articulated Rhinestone Bow Brooch Pin CAT TNR

This is a gorgeous JJ gold tone bow brooch with sparklng white rhinestone accents. It measures about 2.4 inches tall. This is a unique JJ signed piece with the articulated ribbon ends. It is in very good pre owned condition. Please keep reading to find out how your bid will help homeless pets.....

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Whiskers Rescue Inc.

All the proceeds will go to Whiskers Rescue Inc. to help care for and neuter stray cats. Below is our boy Happy Feet. We were trapping in a feral colony one night hoping to catch 6 more feral cats to have neutered. From across the parking lot we spotted this boy! The photo is the day after we caught him. Despite there being 90 cats in this colony we know every one as all but 4 have been trapped and neutered. This boy we had never seen. He was skinny and filthy and clearly needed to be trapped. The problem was as soon as he would get near the trap the big ferals would run out of the woods and attack him! Depite popular belief cats who are dumped in colonies are not accepted and most often do not survive. I hopped out of the car and stood between hiim and the woods. Thankfully he went in despite his fear of attack. We were not sure if he was tame but when we got him set up that night something
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