JN Darby - The Irrationalism of Infidelity DEC VINTAGE HB c.1890

The Irrationalism of Infidelity

J N Darby

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Being a reply to "Phases of Faith". A series of apologetic answers to questions such as: The Slaughter of Infants and The Star of the Magi.

John Nelson Darby , (November 18, 1800 - April 29, 1882), British evangelist, an influential figure of the original Plymouth Brethren, forerunner of modern Christian fundamentalism.
Early years
John Nelson Darby was born in London of an influential family. (His middle name is for the family friend Lord Nelson). At age 19 he was a gold medalist in classical studies at Trinity College in Dublin, and embraced Christianity during his studies. He joined an "inn of court" but felt that being a lawyer was inconsistent with his religious belief, and so chose ordination as an Anglican clergyman in Ireland. (There is no evidence that he studied theology). Darby travelled extensively ministering to the poor and ignorant of Ireland.
Middle years
In October of 1827 Darby fell from a horse and was seriously injured. During his recuperation, he spent his time grappling with the issues of man's relationship with God.
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