Job lot 50 ladies watches for spares or repairs, various makes, some new, lot28

A minimum of 50 ladies mainly quartz watches, some working, some needing batteries, some needing straps or glasses and some for spares only. There are all different makes, too many to list. I have seen Lorus, Sekonda, Oasis, Timex, Reflex, Accu2, H. Samuel, Ben Sherman, Next, Kahuna, Censi, Ricardo, Sanyo, Louifrey, Montine, Clio, Disney, Pierre Nicol, Infinite, Constant plus lots more I cannot remember, while I have been counting them out into lots. ( I am not saying all of these makes are in each lot, I have seen them whilst sorting out the various lots) Some are obviously new, some older, but a very useful lot. Potentially some nice watches, which are virgin insomuch as they have not been investigated for faults etc., and knowing the source of them suggests a battery is all that is needed in a lot of instances. Some are new, some still with labels on, so after some TLC I am sure a good percentage can be made into saleable watches with the rest for spares, but all are sold for spares or repairing. They are not sorted in anyway, just the manual wind watches are removed, they are as they come.

The picture is the actual lot.

I have described them as best I can, but NOTE they are sold on a no return basis to save any arguments and any further postage costs. If in doubt ask your questions before bidding. Please bear
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