Job lot four vintage Parker pens and pencil set collectable or for restoration

Job lot of four ink pens/ propelling pencil


Age unknown - pre-1970's

Untested and not currently working but suitable for restoration

collection comprises:

1. Grey Parker '51 with brushed silver colour cap, fountain pen with squeeze mechanism to fill

2. Grey Parker '51 matchers the above propelling pencil - seems to work but no lead to refill it

3. Old black Parker pen - "parker" on clip but not the "arrows" case says "Parker Victory", nib "14K PEN N" Ink pen but filling method unknown

4. Gold coloured case Parker '51 style - case states Parker made in england, there is a mark which could be some sort of hallmark but no idea if this is rolled gold or just gold coloured

No guarantees that any of these pens work - they have been in family years and not used since the 1970's