Job Lot of mainly 1940's Cigarette Cards Full and Part Sets 1000 + Cards

Here for sale are some of my dads old cigarette cards listed below is the makers and some of the subjects ( full sets /part sets/ and some single cards )
1. w.d & ho wills wild flowers 2. w.d & ho wills the sea shore 3. w.d & ho wills air raid precautions 4. john player & sons aircraft of the royal air force 5. john player & sons cycling 6. john player & sons sea fishes 7. john player & sons animals of the countryside 8. w.d & ho wills dogs 9. godfrey phillips ltd ships that have made history 10. john player & sons film stars second series ( full set ) 11. john player & sons film stars third series ( full set) 12. john player & sons golf 13.turf cigarettes famous escapes 14. w.d & ho wills association footballers 15. ardath tobacco life in the services 16. john player & sons army corps and divisional signs 17. black cat vintage cars 18. black cat kings and queens of england 19. john player & sons military uniforms of the british empire overseas 21. w.d & ho wills life in the royal navy 22. black cat military uniforms 23. godfrey phillips ltd characters come to life/ animal studies/ our dogs/ famous love scenes/ our puppies/ special jubilee year series/ flower studies/ shots from the films and our favourites 24. w.d & ho wills garden flowers 25.godfrey phillips
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