Job Lot of Timpo + Britains figures - Cowboys + Indians

Mixture of Timpo, Britains, Lone Star and Swoppet Figures, Vehicles and Accessories

Majority of the figures are Cowboy and Indian figures with a few oddities thrown in there too.
Job lot includes a variety of figures, spares, accessories and vehicles.
Although several of these figures appear to be complete, i'm selling them as spares or repairs, as i don't know enough about the figures to be sure.
Also includes quite a few bits and bobs that could be used for spares/repair/modifications and a few vehicles/accessories that need to be patched/matched up.
Set includes a coach, 2 wagons, 2 tents/wigwams (1 is cracked) and several horses and quite a few figures in varying condition.
All items are included in the photos and not duplicated (apart from the last photo showing everything together). What's shown is what's included.

I have tried to list this item and supply information about it to the best of my ability, If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and i will respond ASAP! Check out my other auctions!