G.I. Joe 1988 Night Force Night Raider 100% Complete NearMint/Mint

VINTAGE 1980's G.I. JOE!
I have 100s of Vintage 1980s Joe's currently listed - all ending SUNDAY!!!
This is a rare op portunity to bid on many different Joe auctions from one seller.
Up for bid in this auction is: G.I. Joe 1988 Night Force Night Raider 100% Complete. Night Raider's stickers still glow in the dark! Night Raider is unbroken (no broken parts.)
Condition: NearMint/Mint. Please see detailed pictures to confirm.
Exact item in the pictures is what you will win.
Shipping: Prices are posted within the listing. I do not ship internationally - too many internationally scams with Paypal.
Yes, I will combine shipping to one fair and lower shipping cost to save you money on shipping - so win as many as you can!!
Collection Background: This collection all comes from a single owner who kept great care of them. They have
been in storage for many years until this summer when we took them out to start putting back togther
and to photograph. There is also a USS Flagg, but I think it is too big to ship. Anyone interested
and is local to my area, maybe we can work something out. Otherwise, I hope all of these toys
go to collectors who will take great care of them for many years to come. Thanks!!