G.I. Joe 1997 Classic Collection Limited Edition Mercury Astronaut NIB

Released in 1997 and part of the Classic Collection Limited Edition is this Gi Joe Mercury Astronaut 12" Action Figure. When the Soviet Union launched SPUTNICK in 1957, the United States responded with the Mercury Program. Beginning in July of 1961 and ending in 1963, the success of the program allowed President Kennedy to proclaim that the United States would land a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s. The Mercury Astronaut commemorates this milestone and is dressed in an authentic space suit with patches and air hose connector, a helmet with communications link and visor, gloves, air hose, ventilator, boots and dog tags.
1997 Kenner/Hasbro Classic Collection Limited Edition 12" Action Figure New in Sealed Box Box in Very Good Condition Smoke and pet-free environment. Questions are welcome. Thank you for looking!