G.I. JOE - 24 PIECE VEHICLE PARTS LOT!!! - Parts for Skystriker, Sky Hawk!!!


You are looking at a Fantastic G.I.Joe 24 Piece Vehicle Parts lot.!!

This is a Parts Only Auction.

All Parts are in played with condition.

I am in the process of selling lots of G.I. Joe Figures, Parts, Vehicles and Accessories. Please check out my other Auctions!!!

Included in the Auction:

Sky Hawk Parts : 2 Missiles, tail-fin, 2 Sideplates.

Fang Parts : 2 Missiles.

Cobra Rattler Parts : 1 Missile, 1 Front Cockpit Cover, Wild Weasel Figure (O-Ring is broken on figure)

Skystriker Parts : Parachute and ejector seat. Parachute is attached with strings. No Rips or tears. Slight paint wear.

Conquest X-30 Parts : 2 Missiles, 2 Bombs.

Polar Battle Bear Parts : 2 Guns, 2 Missiles, Rear Cover, and Gunslide.

Also included are 2 missiles and a decal sheet which I cannot identify.

Thanks For Looking!!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!!!