Joe Geshick Mishkee baneesk -Stone People S/N With Cert

Joe Geshick Mishkee baneesk -Stone People Signed & Numbered With Certertificate

Image Size : 28" x 18.5"

Shipping : USA CANADA

Tube $12.95 $25.00

One shipping charge for up to 5 prints $3.50 for each additional Print.

Please read the following Q & A :

Question : Why are you selling these prints so cheap ?
Answer : Currently have over 200,000 prints in stock if I want to sell prints at higher prices or at Retail like our competition will take many many years.

Question : What is the difference between your print or canvas and a Gallery one ?
Answer: Absolutely none .

Question: Is there anything wrong with these prints ?
Answer: These prints are new never been framed and 100% in mint condition same as you buy at local Gallery.

Question: Why don't you put print numbers on your auctions ?
Answer : we have more than on of the same print and that means we have
to pull the print from shelf and if it does not sell then put it back on the shelf and that is how the print gets damaged.

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