G.I. JOE Hasbro "12 Black Negro Joe Adventure Team Original No hair rubs NICE!

Very remarkable condition! Clothes are completely unsoiled and unplayed with. Left leg has 1 vertical crack on calf with a tiny split where the outer hip rivet is. And there's a matching split on the opposite outer hip rivet. Face paint is all there, without rubs or scratching,body and hands are free of scuffs too.The hair is 100% and seldom found in such NM condition! His boots are free of any chews or splitting! Here's the story on the Adventure team decal. It came with the doll,removed from the shirt, but wrapped around a charm on a small chain around his neck,to act as a replacement I guess.Decal was peeled off and placed back on his shirt. If you look at him close you'll see that the decal was torn some, but is not missing any of it's image. If not for the missing tag - He'd be 100%. Anyways, I'm pricing him to sell! *Buyer adds actual shipping rate through USPS PRIORITY MAIL In The USA~