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To assure you of this item's authenticity we have already paid to have Global Authentication,Inc.
(also known as GAI/DNA or just GAI) examine and authenticate this item. We have chosen to
provide you with Global's third party authentication due to its strong reputation within the
autograph industry.
We also use Global to save you money on our higher-priced items of more well-known athletes.
GAI/DNA can charge up to $75 just to authenticate a single signature for an individual party!
To save you the time, money, and hassle required to get opinions on autographs from this company,
we have already done it for you!
Global Authentication, Inc. is one of just four companies that Ebay recognizes as a legitimate
third party authenticator. In addition, Global was one of two companies that passed HBO Real Sports'
Autograph Authentication Test on an episode in 2006.
Your item will come with Global Authentication Inc.'s Certificate of Authenticity along with their
matching serial numbered tamper seal sticker which can be verified at .

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