G.I.Joe: Pursuit of Cobra 2011 ROCK VIPER (NO. 1118) - MOMC



Up for sale is the very rare 2011 G.I. Joe: Pursuit Of Cobra 3 ¾” action figure of:

No. 1118 – Rock Viper (Infantry)

This figure has an excellent sculpt, multiple points of articulation, an intricate paint job, and comes with several accessories. The figure is MINT ON MINT CARD (MOMC) , and so it is a perfect choice for either carded or loose collectors.

Rock Viper comes with the following accessories: Helmet (1); Backpack w/ Climbing Gear (1); Spear (1); Rifle (1); Submachine Gun (1); Pistol (1); Knife (1); Piton (1); Standard G.I. Joe Action Figure Stand (1).

No region of the Earth is free of the menace of Cobra! As such, the terrorist organization trains multitudes of soldiers and mercenaries in combat tactics for all battlefields imaginable. The Rock Vipers in particular, are specialists in mountaineering, and are thus trained and equipped to do battle in mountainous regions. Whether it’s the side of a cliff, or atop the highest peaks in the planet, Cobra’s Rock Vipers will carry out the organization’s agenda until the mission is complete…or until they are utterly defeated by the G.I. Joe forces! This figure is one of the best made for any G.I. Joe line, and it is a great update from the original RAH version
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