Johann Haviland "Blue Garland" China 20 piece set MINT!

Hello! This auction is for a 20 piece set of Johann Haviland Blue Garland Pattern Bavaria Germany Fine China. This 20 piece set contains service for four and includes the following:

four 10" dinner plates four 3 1/8" tall cups four 6 1/8" saucers four 6 1/4" bread/butter plates four 5 1/4" dessert dishes.

This set is in mint condition, having never been used, and comes in it's original box. As described on the box front: "Blue Garland Pattern, in European fine porcelain, features a delicate rosebud design in subtle shades of sapphire blue. The design is silhouetted on a pearly white translucent china body in the traditional pompadour shape. Hand painted accent lines of pure platinum decorate each edge and trace the voluptuous curves of the rococo handle design." On the bottom of each piece is a green Johann Haviland Bavaria Germany stamp. Regarding the picture, only one place setting is shown, but rest assured, you will get four place settings for a total of 20 pieces.

Over the next couple days, I will be listing several Johann Haviland Blue Garland pieces for my future mother-in-law. She bought these pieces at a Piggly Wiggly grocery store 30 or so years ago and they have basically been sitting in her basement ever since. As such the boxes show some age and wear, and some of the pieces are a little dusty as the
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