NEW The John Alden Sloop Wood Model Kit - Midwest Products #997

Product Description

This is the John Alden Sloop Sailboat kit from Midwest. The boat is built on a strongback using a basswood keel and frames which self-align to create a hull structure ready for planking. Strips are added to create the hull shape. The hull is then removed from the strongback and the interior details are added.

Product Features

Strongback construction to help ease planking installation

Foredeck features a club-footed jib that is self-tending

Machined brass mail-sail winches and turnbuckles

Finely shaped stern and basswood strip planking

Product Specifications

Length: 14-5/16" (364mm)

Height: 24-1/2" (622mm)

Beam: 4-11/16" (246mm)

Scale: 3/4"=1' (1/16)

Midwest Product Number: 997