John R - R&B Soul Radio Show - WLAC Nashville 1970

Actual Broadcast Recording (Aircheck)
Station: WLAC 1510 AM -- Nashville, Tennessee USA
DJ and Show: John R R&B Show Date of Broadcast: 1970 (exact date unknown) RIR #515
Length: 46 minutes (digitally remastered and placed on CD at our studios at Rock-it Radio)

This is from an actual Broadcast from 1970 exact date is unknown but it is unedited and you hear everything just like you did back in 1970! This show is from WLAC Radio in Nashville, Tennessee. With John R at the Microphone!
John R (whose last name was Richbourg) - had been a Nashville DJ since the 1940's, and retired out of WLAC in 1973. This broadcast is from 1970 - this show features some very rare Soul and early Funk as well that you just don't hear on any Oldies Radio Station anymore! WLAC at the time of this recording was the top R&B Station and not only covered the local Nashville area but at night their signal was sought thruout the Southeast United States to tune into John's original style and R&B Show.
is a partial playlist of what is on this broadcast. The show has been remastered and placed on Regular Compact Disc.

1. John R what ya gonna do Intro Theme song.
2. Song: Gonna come a day you want me around -- Little Eddie
3. Song; If you love me -- The Valentines
4. Song: Sweet Woman's Love -- Geater (Jeater)
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