John Carter of Mars: The First Five Novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Hardcover)


A Princess of Mars

The Gods of Mars

The Warlord of Mars

Thuvia, Maid of Mars

The Chessmen of Mars

Few writers can weave fantasy, romance, and swashbuckling derring-do as deftly as Edgar Rice Burroughs. The renowned author of the immensely popular Tarzan novels wrote his suspenseful John Carter saga during the heyday of the pulp-fiction era. In these adventure tales, Burroughs transports readers to Mars where ancient theological, racial, and political divisions have kept the Red Planet in a state of constant deadly warfare for centuries. From extreme conditions to horrifying creatures, the perils/hazards that unfold in these pages are just as thrilling today as when Burroughs first imagined them.

John Carter of Mars: Classic Works begins with A Princess of Mars when war hero Captain John Carter finds himself mysteriously transported to an alien landscape, where he is thrust into a deadly war—and a dangerous romance with the beautiful princess Dejah Thoris. As The Gods of Mars unfolds, Carter does battle with a bewildering array of alien enemies, including the terrifying Plant Men and the deadly Pirates of Barsoom. His against-all-odds adventures hurtle toward a dramatic conclusion in The Warlord of Mars , but not before he takes flight to the
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