John Craxton, RA, 1922 - 2009 Original Oil on Canvas

A Beautifully executed original oil painting signed 'Craxton', measures 16 x 20 inches.
I came by this painting via a friend that owns a house clearance company in London. I've tried to research it's provenance myself but have been unable to unearth any thing. On account of this I am selling this as a follower of Craxton although I have no reason to believe it is not by him.
The painting is a portrait of a monk. After doing a bit of digging around I have found out that he spent a lot of time in Crete, Greece so maybe it's a Greek Orthodox Monk.
Obviously If I could prove this was him the painting would be worth a 5 figure sum at a London auction house so may prove a bargain to someone in the know.
Glad to answer any questions as best I can