John Grey BROADWAY drums, Vintage!

Regretful sale of my lovely old John Grey Broadway kit.

Jazz/bop/downbeat sizes: 20" bass drum, 12" tom, 14" floor tom. (the 12" is pre-intl, btw).Probably mid-late 60's.

As you can see in the pics, not bad for 40+ yrs old!

Bright shiny chrome with still-glossy wrap. I've always kept the drums in bags or cases, so any markings are minimal & pre - my ownership.

Very rare colour: Red Storm Pearl; very 60's, man!

Die-cast hoops on the toms, which have a silver painted interior (looks original), the small tom has its damper, but it looks like the f/tom never had one anyway. (Clearly seen in pic of small tom which also shows the thin shell with re-rings).

Bass drum has had some mods over time, mainly different tom mounts & spurs. The current tom mount is a very rare 60's Pearl President one. Also on the bass drum is a 70's Lokfast tom holder which I fitted as a cowbell holder c/w L-arm. (I found this so much better than the hoop-mounted type, and allows some serious bashing ie the chorus of "hard day's night"!!). Further down on the side is a mount for a cymbal arm.There are some surfacemarkings to the side of the bass drum (just below lug in photo - difficult to photograph, but thought I'd mention it!).The bass drum will also come with an Evans EQ pad inside, plus a felt damper
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