John J. Christian's Traveling Minstrel Show Poster 1890

John J. Christian's Traveling Minstrel Show Poster 1890s This poster was John J. Christian's personal stage poster. John Christian was promoted as "The Wonderful Roller & Cycle Skater" and performed in Richard's & Pringle's~Rusco & Holland's Big Minstrel Festival. Note the single wheel skates and the inset image of him skating around light bulbs on a raised platform. According to the photocopies of handbills supplied, Christian gave his farewell skating exhibition April 18th, 1898. Christian was valet to Mrs. Jennie Kimball, mother of famous stage actress Corinne Kimball, who went by the singular name "Corinne" (see Women in American History pgs 780-781). As "Corine" (sic) attested on John's valet license:
"I heartily recommend John J. Christian as a most worthy young man -- honesty itself, and always a gentleman. One of my mama's (Mrs. Jennie Kimball) favorite employes."
It's a three sheet stone litho poster printed by National Printing & Engraving chicago #5217. Mounted on muslin, the poster measures approximately 42" x 78". T is a pale red binding around three edges not visible due to the framing. The dealer I purchased the poster from unfortunately removed the original hanging wooden piece along the top. T is consistent wear most obvious in the final detail shot. This was a performance poster
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