John Jaques Solitaire Clay China Painted Swirls Banded

Note: I incorrectly answered a question about
the Vitro Game Marble Box. It was asked if the
box was a No. 0 or a No. 00
It is a No. 00
We are offering this awesome
collection of marbles from our
private family collection.
T is one box of Jabo Agates
The Solitaire Game consists of the
box, board and 29 early German
handmade swirls and 3 opaque
tourquoise colored pee wee size marbles.
T is a display case of 50 painted
marbles of various designs and colors.
They have lines, floral and other designs on clay or porcelain.
T are Two boxes of German Made
Benningtons in Blue and Brown. The
Marbles measure about 5/8 inches ins
size. The two boxes together contain
200 marble
T is one box of marbles Made in Germany, containing 100 painted china
marbles, all unglazed
T are five boxes of early game
marbles, all full. One is a Vitro Agate
Company box, Parkersburg WV.
Two are a Chinese Akro Agate Checkers
box, Clarksville, W V
Two are the Berry Pink Boxes, (Chinko
Checko Marblo) New York City.
That is a total of 300 marbles in those boxes.
T is a box No 1 of 35 Vitro AA Agates.
Two 10 Cent Red Boxes.
Two Blue Boxes
Also approximately 120 loose marbles
of clay, stone, German swirls, Latticinios
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