john pace original painting signed native american

Hi folks, well im very very sad to say i must sell off some of my fine authentic native american art collection. i have hit hard times. well my children and wife need to come before my art. bought this 'john pace painting" for $3000.00 about 8 years ago and the price of john pace art has seen a very steady increase over the years. i will be loosing on a great investment but need cash now. !!!!! let my loss be your gain because im selling a true gem here. in mint condition. and well worth the money. southerbies has seen a few of the john pace collection come thru at great prices. so dont be stupid here this is not some print or a cheap painting this is the real deal. goodluck and be smart. hate to see this go but im in need of some cash.also the other painting in the picture is for sale was apraised 15 years ago for $1000.00 the painter in that one is zar. also make offers on anything in the pics. or email for questions. thanks..and im sure has gone way up in value. all 100% authentic art and craft items. very very sad i can post just some of my collection to show you i was a serious collector of authentic native american items. real stuff no flea market fakes. goodluck and take care al.

was emailed by a person telling me not to sell. >>> i wish i did not have to but anyway here is the link that was sent to me about
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