John Player - Film Stars Second Series Complete Set

Manufacturer: John Player & Sons
Series Title: Film Stars econd Series
Year Of Issue: 1934
Card Size: N
No. of Cards in Set: 50
Complete Set: yes
Number of Cards Offered: 50
Numbers/Title: COMPLETE
Condition: See scan for condition.

The Album is in an overall good to very good condition for its age.

Condition Definitions
Poor: Creased, dirty or with mount damage to backs but generally no picture surface missing.
Good: Soiled on back or front. Blemished edges, rounded corners and possibly one slight crease.
Very Good: Clean back and front, may have dirty and softened edges, Crisp but corners rounded. No creases.
Excellent: Clean back and front, including edges, sharp edges and sharp corners.
Mint: Exactly as issued.