John Stark BATTLE of BENNINGTON color engraving print 1

August 16, 1777 marked the assention of a previously little known John Stark with his actions against the British at Bennington. Greatly respected by George Washington, and knowing how New Englanders would ally to Stark's call, Washington sent him home to recruit new troops. Stark was in a cheerful and optimistic mood as he travelled around the settlements, talking to farmers and townsmen as he recruited replacements for the troops. Stark pledged immediate assistance to New Hampshire should it be needed. When ordered to join Schuyler at Saratoga, Stark refused and went instead to Bennington. The Battle of Bennington, often called the turning point of the war, led directly to the Battle of Saratoga w Burgoyne was defeated.
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A brilliant artist has carefully introduced the color of the Chappel painting into the engraving without compromising the integrity of the engraving. That original engraving was a reproduction of the painting to be seen across the country. This is not only beautiful but a reference resource. Using heavy-weight, acid free, 100% cotton laid papers (provided by the
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